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First 3D printed buildings

Some interesting examples

  • - Hotel suite, Manilla, 2015
  • - Office, Dubai, 2016
  • - Apartments, China, 2016
  • - Village, Italy, 2016
  • - Bridge, The Netherlands, 2017

First 3D printed hotel suite - 2015

Total Kustom, US


Gantry extrusion printer that produces direct on the construction site. Materials for the suite cost 2.000 USD and it was performed in 10 Days, building 30 cm in height per day. (A layer whole Way Around). Installations was applied continuously.

Pros & Cons:

  • + First 3D printed building, which is in use
  • + Software controls the print speed is varied in relation to the subject, humidity, temperature, etc.
  • – Focus on the bare struckture of the house (insulation, moisture etc not factored)
  • – TotalKustom is almost a "one-man band"
First 3D printed hotel suite First 3D printed hotel suite

First 3D printed office and apartments - 2016

Winsun, Shanghai

Concept (appartment):

Huge (150m x 14m x 8m) gantry extrusion printer, producing items at factory, similar to a concrete element factory. Manual application of rebar and grouting between the printed layers to increase strength.

Pros & Cons:

  • + Specific multi-storey building (not in use)
  • + Is backed by a medium business and has achieved major publicity that generates new projects
  • – Limited 3D option and bare structure focus
  • – Does not differ radically from traditional element production

Concept (Office):

The bare structure of the building is produced as elements in China and then exported, mounted and finalized on the building site in Dubai. According to the information does the elements often break during transport, so the goal is to have local factories for every 300 km.

Pros & Cons:

  • + Specific building, in use
  • + Perhaps automated finishing of exterior walls
  • – The bulk of the work is still manually based
  • – Does not differ radically from traditional element production
First 3D printed office and apartments First 3D printed office and apartments

First 3D printed village - 2016

WASP, Italy


Huge (12 meters high) gantry type delta extruder printer. Focuses on materials that can be obtained locally and are inexpensive eg clay. Bets on making cheap sustainable construction for third world countries (Worlds Advanced Savings Project).

Pros & Cons:

  • + Inexpensive printer and materials
  • + Delta type printer provides certain advantages
  • – Haven't realized their first building yet
  • – Haven't varified their technical solution
First 3D printed village First 3D printed village

First 3D printed bridge - 2017

Acciona / D-Shape


Based on Enrico Dini’s D-shape technology applying a powder bed printer, and build by Acciona a Spanish construction company, the 12 meters long pedestrian footbridge came to be. The architecture of the bridge was designed by Barcelona-based Institute of Advanced Architecture of Catalonia (IAAC). Printed in 6 elements off site, assebled on site by using cranes.

Pros & Cons:

  • + Organic and inspiring shape
  • + Factory produced
  • – Assembly still done the usual way and on-site
  • – Time consuming printing and preparation process
First 3D printed bridge First 3D printed bridge