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    Office of the future, Dubai
    3D printed offices

    On Monday May 23, 2016 the 3D printed Office of the future,
    was revealed in Dubai, UAE.
"We announce today the opening
    of the first 3D-printed office in the world, after less than one month
    of launching Dubai 3D printing strategy which showcases a modern
    model of construction. It also represents a new milestone for the UAE
    as a global leader in strategic achievements,” Sheikh Mohammed said.

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    3D printed steel bridge

    MX3D is in the process of 3D printing a steel bridge across the
    Oudezijds Achterburgwal canal in the center of Amsterdam
    planned to be finished in 2017. The bridge will be 3D printed by two robots
    working from each side of the canal and meeting in the middle.
    “This bridge will show how 3D printing finally enters the world of large-scale,
    functional objects and sustainable materials while allowing
    unprecedented freedom of form”, architect Joris Laarman said.

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    3D printed village

    Italian WASP – The Worlds Savings Project – has begun work on
    making the first 3D printed village in the world on July 19, 2016,
    the Shamballa. The BigDelta which is 12 meters tall (just over 39 feet),
    and the world’s largest delta-style 3D printer, is going to be
    responsible for doing the bulk of the work.

    “We decided to name the technological village Shamballa from the name
    of the mythological place that symbolizes the city of peace,
    tranquility and happiness. A city quoted in a lot of cultural documents
    for its spirituality and technical advance,” states WASP”

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    3D printed 5 storey apartments

    Shanghai based Winsun revealed their 3D printed apartment complex
    on January 19, 2015. Ma Yi He, CEO of WinSun explained: First is their
    exclusive 3D printing 'ink,' which is a mixture of recycled construction waste,
    glass fiber, steel, cement and special additives.
    According to Ma, waste from recycling construction and mine rest produces
    a lot of carbon emissions, but with 3D printing, the company has turned
    that waste into brand new building materials.

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    3D printed hotel suite

    US based TotalKustom presented the first 3D printed hotel suite to the
    world on September 8, 2015. The hotel suite, part of Lewis Grand Hotel,
    is located in Angeles city north of Manilla, the capital of the Philippines.
    Yakich, the owner of the hotel, explained that the suite measures
    10.5 m x 12.5 m making it about 130 square meters with a 3 meter height.
    It is a two bedroom villa with a living room and a bathroom with a
    3D printed Jacuzzi.

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